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 "We have empowered 

 hundreds of deaf & vulnerable 

Somalis since the Foundation 



The silent horn foundation has a very simple objectve which all of our work is built around: Educate the Deaf in Somalia so that they can access the same dignity and independence enjoyed by their peers.


Our initiatives include building schools and adult learning centres across the entire Somali peninsula. 

We have been tirelessly raising funds and providing school buildings, training teachers, books, school uniforms, study spaces and nutritious school meals.


The vast majority of people in Somalia are unaware of the struggles which deaf people face. 

Whilst Somalia has suffered terribly from drought and conflict in recent years, the most hurt are the vulnerable who cannot hear the danger. 

“The silent Horn foundation” is a non-governmental organisation with a sole focus in the humanitarian field of serving those whose lives are affected by deafness. The organisation is entirely a-political and is not aligned with any political organisation but does hold affiliation with the human rights NGO “Ifrah Foundation”. The team are committed to improving the lives of the deaf and their families in Mogadishu by offering education and training in sign language and life skills to empower the deaf to contribute to the local community, support themselves and enjoy the same dignity, enjoyed by their piers. 

The organisation was first conceived of by SAMIRA DUALE on 1st January 2016, London. Samira has worked actively in the deaf Somali and wider Muslim community in London for over 4 years and has seen the positive impact of her work first hand.